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Patient Stories


Knee patient treated with greatest respect and concern.

Dr. Stein and all of his staff are terrific! I met Dr. Stein while I was in severe distress: I had what turned out to be a meniscus tear in my right knee that was so painful I couldn't even shift position while resting, never mind being able to do any of the tasks I need to do to earn my living as a performer. From the moment I first contacted the office, I was treated with the greatest respect and concern, and Dr. Stein very clearly and patiently educated me about all that had happened to my knee, and what exactly would need to be done to correct it. Never having had any previous surgery, I was terrified about the prospect, but the wonderful Dr. Stein performed a knee arthroscopy that went perfectly, and was as painless and smooth as such a thing could be. I can't recommend this office highly enough. Simply GREAT.


Dr. Stein in constant contact after two surgeries.

My experience with Dr. Stein was nothing short of amazing. I had two surgeries with Dr. Stein and each time he made sure to sit me down and properly explain everything that was going on and that could happen. He made no promises and assured me he will be there for anything that I need. As surgery goes, there is no way to say 100% that "this or that" will happen and he made sure to tell me that and not make any empty promises. Dr. Stein told me each step that he will be going through and made me feel comfortable that he knew what he was doing. Prior and after every surgery he made himself and staff available, followed up the day after and was in constant contact with me to make sure I was doing ok. Both of my surgeries were successful. His office is clean, comforting and friendly. Not only was Dr. Stein great but his staff was absolutely amazing. From the personnel that worked at his reception desk to his P.A Dana. Dana went above and beyond to help me with any problems I had even on her days off. I had a minor infection after one of my surgeries and Dana and Dr. Stein made themselves available to me on their on time to make sure it was taken care of. I can say, now a days it feels so reassuring to know that a doctor will make himself available to you when you need him and not have to leave a 1000 messages on their voicemail. If you are looking for a doctor that you can trust and feel confident in, I highly suggest you make an appointment with Dr. Stein and see for yourself. 
Marc Sekzer


Dr. Stein changed my life. My story and why I think he's a great choice.

I had a knee collision in 2006 playing basketball. I didn't have insurance to get it checked out. and was in pain for 10 days as I could not straighten my knee. The pain was unbearable but eventually subsided. Dr Stein was my 5th or 6th orthopedic. He advised to scope the knee, there might be something irritating the pads behind the knee. He did the arthroscopy and what he told me afterwards made a whole lot of sense. My knee swelled because the collision was so hard that pieces of my kneecap chipped and was irritating the patella tendon. He removed the bone spurs and showed a picture of my knee with the slight crater/hole. He suggested to try rehab before operating on the knee. I did the rehab, my knee wasn't getting better and I'm currently in bed typing this review. I just had my Denovo cartilage implant. During the operation, he found not just 1 hole but 2 that needed to be filled. I hope to be pain free after 6 years and I have to be sentimental and say, Dr. Stein is as great doctor and that's what you're here looking for.



Dr Stein has preformed 3 operations on me and 2 this year alone and think I have been so very lucky to have had him for my surgeries, and his assistant Dana is just great. I would HIGHLY recommend him and have done so to friends with sports injures.



I was in need of an orthopedic doctor and most people I know have no need for one. Through a combination of my health care provider's doctor listings and searching the web, I found Dr. Drew A. Stein. As his office is close to my workplace, I thought I'd give him a try.

I had already made an appointment with another doctor, but he wasn't able to see me for two weeks! Thankfully, Dr. Stein's office was able to make time for me in a few days. I was also able to download the proper patient forms from his website, so I could walk in the door having all the paperwork ready to go, which means less sitting around in the waiting room. Once there, the staff was very polite and efficient.

Dr. Stein was very straightforward with his questions and the exam. Once I explained my problem, he knew exactly the cause and with a few simple tests, he was able to prescribe a treatment. I liked his no-nonsense approach, and he was polite and friendly throughout.

I know it was my first visit, but I like the whole experience so much I just had to write about it! If you're in need of an orthopedic/sports medicine doctor, definitely give Dr. Stein a try.

Good health to you!



I saw Dr. Stein for a shoulder consultation that turned into rotator cuff and lambrum surgery. I had a few weeks to research the surgery and recovery before going under the knife and was moire than a little concerned about the lengthy recovery. The surgery itself was longer than expected with more repairs, only adding to my rehab concerns. I followed all of the instructions following surgery and I am very pleased to say that 5 weeks after I have not experienced a quarter of the pain that others had been promising. All the while Dr. Stein has been very accommodating of my questions and has treated me very well at every office visit. The administrative staff also went above and beyond helping me deal with a pre-op testing issue with my primary physician.

My primary concern was getting the best doctor to perform the surgery I needed, regardless of bed-side manner and administrative issues. I found a doctor and staff that has managed to provide excellent care in all areas.
Many thanks to dr. Stein and all of your staff.



I'm currently a patient of Dr. Stein's and I've been to see him a few times for knee and hip issues from running. Both Dr. Stein and his staff are amazingly efficient. The receptionists are great and take pride in their work and are more than willing to go the extra mile (they helped me find an excellent physical therapy center, answer insurance questions, etc.). Every time I have been in for a visit I'm seen immediately and never have to wait, which is truly a rarity in a NYC doctor's office. Dr. Stein is patient and answers the many questions that I always seem to have. Highly recommended!




Dr. Stein repaired a torn meniscus in my right knee, removed a benign cyst from my left knee, and helped me with a herniated disk diagnosis which I am currently rehabbing. Both knees are now healthy and pain free with no post-op complications. Appointments are readily available without the dreaded multi-week appointment wait times at other doctor's offices. The administrative staff is very professional and pleasant to work with.



I saw Dr. Stein on a friend's recommendation after I tore my ACL, MCL, and meniscus. At my first visit, Dr. Stein did a couple push tests to get a first impression of what my injury might be, then immediately sent me in for an MRI. At each successive visit, both pre and post-surgery, Dr. Stein and his PA, Dana, were exceptionally professional, efficient, and friendly. I've been seen on time or early at all but one appointment, and I've always felt like Dr. Stein and Dana were both happy to take the time to address any questions that I had.

Dr. Stein took the time to explain my treatment options (including forgoing surgery and simply going straight into PT) and their accompanying pros and cons. I opted for surgery, which went extremely well. I've known a number of other people with this injury, none of whom have had as smooth or quick a surgery and recovery process as I have. Each person's body is different, so comparing one person's injury to another can be problematic, but I've honestly been very impressed with how smooth my surgery and recovery processes have been with Dr. Stein.



I found Dr Stein via a yoga instructor who had experienced similar injuries and was a patient of his. After being disappointed with several other drs, I went to Dr Stein. I have been a patient of his now for more than a year, and he continues to be responsive, informative and thorough.

His staff is friendly, and I rarely wait more than 5-7 minutes - which is a rarity in NY. I also find Dr Stein to be quite personable and funny. He is straight up and isnt going to sugar coat any diagnosis, but who would want a dr to do that anyways?

I travel often and sometimes am only in NY for a few days - but still, Dr Stein & his team manage to squeeze me in for appts when I need one.

I highly recommend Dr Stein as your new orthopedic/sports med dr.



Dr.Stein treated me for my knee pain (patella femoral syndrome, or PFS) this past summer. Dr. Stein is an extremely caring, and thorough medical professional. I was always seen on time, and felt that adequate time was allowed to explain my situation, and receive helpful medical advice. While in his office, Dr. Stein performed a complete clinical examination of my knee, including a sonogram. He explained why I was experiencing pain, and what could be done to mitigate the situation. When I first saw Dr. Stein, my knee pain had been for present on and off for 6 months. Despite my frustration with my persistent knee pain, Dr. Stein encouraged me to try non-invasive strategies prior to considering a gel shot. In the end, Dr. Stein was right on the mark. I followed through with the physical therapy treatments, made modifications to my exercise program, and used the knee brace to allow me to strengthen my muscles. After 4 months under Dr. Stein's care, I am thrilled to report that I am pain free. I love to exercise, and I am now able to resume a very active lifestyle. I thank Dr. Stein for helping me get rid of my pesky knee pain!!



I recommend Dr Stein most highly.

I have run for years and years on my knees and after having had meniscus surgery done on both knees - one by Dr Stein and one by another Dr - I can tell you that the care I received from him and his office staff was remarkable.

Quite frankly I believe the terrific job he did on the surgery and the recovery program made a difference of more than 3 months being lopped off the time of recouperation between the first knee and the one Dr Stein did.

He is professional to a Tee as is his whole office staff. I never waited any length of time for appointments and they always knew who I was and why I was there. Dr Stein spoke to me directly about the healing process and I felt like it led to a process where I was in control and not a number.

My experience was just great and I would go back immediately should I need more care in the future.



I am a current patient of Dr. Stein's and consider myself to be very lucky! 

Approximately a month ago I had a compound arm fracture and dislocated my elbow. It required emergency surgery which Dr. Stein and his team at NYU performed on a Sunday. They were all incredible, and my arm is healing perfectly.

Let me add that I am a pharmaceutical sales rep and have been for 8 years. Needless to say, I have met and worked with just about every MD in the area, specifically orthopedic surgeons. I do not exaggerate when I say that Dr. Stein is the best. Everyone who has seen my arm is shocked that the scar is healing so well and that I can use my arm as much as I can. AND, Dr. Stein is a pleasure to be around and extremely caring for his patients. Trust me, that is rare to find nowadays.

I'd like to end with this, his staff is also the best staff I have had the pleasure to be around. When I needed a disability form sent to my company, his staff had it faxed in 15 minutes....that NEVER happens! They are welcoming, timely with all appointments and necessary paperwork, and just lovely to be around. I ENJOY going to this office!

So, I'm not recommending that anyone go break their arm to see Dr. Stein and his office staff, BUT if you find yourself in need of an orthopedic surgeon call Dr. Stein's office ASAP. You will not find anyone better!!!



Dr. Stein is quite an impressive physician. I have had the honor, as an Athletic Trainer, to rehabilitate many of his patients. The rehabilitating process can be long and grueling, especially depending on the surgeon's finesse. I have rehabilitated patients that have undergone orthopedic surgeries from well known surgeons in well known hospitals within NYC. The patients' outcomes were always variable. Every patient sent to me from Dr. Stein had a smooth and seamless recovery. It is rare, unique, and commendable to maintain such consistent outcomes with such a variety of patients.

Dr. Stein's office is opulent without being pretentious and the staff is warm, inviting, and genuine. He is a quick thinker and won't waste your time if you're a busy New Yorker; however, he has been known to take time with patients during their appointment to ensure the patient has proper understanding of procedures and is comfortable with their options.

Dr. Stein answers questions thoroughly and clearly in an unassuming manner. I have had to call upon Dr. Stein many times over the past 3 years for friends and even myself. Whenever a friend sustains an orthopedic injury, they tend to call me to ask what to do next and I immediately tell them to call Dr. Stein because I know he is the most reliable, accommodating, and honest physician in NYC. I sustained a leg fracture in which I was told I needed surgery by an emergency room doctor. Before agreeing, I insisted on seeing Dr. Stein. Despite being a surgeon, I had been advised by Dr. Stein to NOT undergo surgery! Since then, my leg has healed to perfection, thanks to his guidance.

It is with the utmost honor and respect that I highly recommend Dr. Stein to anyone with a questionable orthopedic injury.



Dr. Drew was an excellent doctor! I was having some issues during my marathon training and he really helped me recover! His office is clean and comfortable. His staff is SO NICE (which we know can sometimes not be the case in doctor's offices :) )...There was pretty much no wait time, which was great considering I was coming from work.

Overall I would recommend him to anyone who is looking for an intelligent, kind, and knowledgeable doctor.

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